Photo of View of Main Excavation Area.
Excavating Jezreel. See "Path Perfect: Reclaiming Jezreel."

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Path Perfect: Reclaiming Jezreel

By Miriam Feinberg Vamosh

Hardly had Dr. Norma Franklin and I emerged from her dusty four-wheel drive in the parking lot at Tel Jezreel to begin the day’s visit when we were engulfed by a group of curious schoolchildren on a field trip. We were standing a stone’s throw from the ancient wall and moat of this Bible-rich mound in northern Israel and Franklin was already deep into her flow of fascinating facts highlighting the unique significance of Queen Jezebel’s old haunts. See complete essay

The Sacred Economy of Ancient Israel

By Roland Boer

The following is a summary of part of my argument of The Sacred Economy of Ancient Israel, which will be published early in 2015 in the Library of Ancient Israel series with Westminster John Knox. The main purpose of the book is to offer a new reconstruction of the economies of ancient Southwest Asia. See complete essay

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Notes on Eric H. Cline, 1177: The Year Civilization Collapsed

By Niels Peter Lemche

The impression you get from the article which Eric Cline has published in Bible and Interpretation is that the appearance of Israel is a major theme in Eric’s book. As a matter of fact it is not. The exodus is discussed in a short paragraph (pp. 89-96) in combination with a general review of the historical developments in the Eastern Mediterranean in the 13th century B.C.E. See complete essay

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