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Can Genetics Solve the Mystery of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel?

By Steven Weitzman

Historians seeking to illumine ancient Israelite and Jewish history have long hoped that science might some day overcome the limits of the textual sources they must rely on to understand the ancient history of the Jews. See complete essay

The Shroud Is Just Another Hoax Forged During the Middle Ages

By Antonio Lombatti

No other quote could better illuminate the latest “evidence” that “will challenge the skeptics” (“Turin Shroud: the latest evidence will challenge the sceptics”) in the absurd and never-ending debate on the Shroud of Turin (SoT). Nothing is new aside from some distinct efforts by Catholic researchers who are incapable of accepting the fact that this relic is just one of the thousands of hoaxes forged during the Middle Ages. So, even if I had decided to hang up my pen on this matter years ago, I sometimes feel like I must hold that pen again to stand up for science. See complete essay

Minoritized Biblical Scholarship as Christian Missiology and Imperialism

By Hector Avalos

Ethnic perspectives on the Bible and minoritized biblical scholarship are predominantly missiological and pastoral endeavors. The aim of these minoritized approaches is to retain or recruit ethnic “minorities” by persuading them that the Bible offers them some comfort or analogy to their experience that can be beneficial. Rather than being postcolonialist or anti-imperialist, these perspectives can be viewed as another version of Christian colonialism, bibliolatry, and imperialism. See complete essay

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