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The Scribal Background of the “Menetekel” in Daniel 5

By Holger Gzella

The imagery employed in the visions of the Book of Daniel is both grand and mysterious. These qualities have ensured it an exceptionally rich reception history in the visual arts, belletristic literature, music, systematic theology, and even contemporary political discourse. Moreover, they have triggered a long-standing scholarly debate about the relation between Daniel and its broader Ancient Near Eastern cultural backdrop. See complete essay

Saadia Gaon’s Bible Commentary and Translation

By Harry Freedman

The Bible has been translated many times, mostly without incident. But now and again a particular translation stands out as a seminal event in the history of religion. The translation composed by Saadia, the 10th century gaon, or rabbinic head, of the Talmudic academy in the Mesopotamian city of Sura was one such case. See complete essay

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The Handwriting on the Sherds

By Paul V.M. Flesher

A rather dry and technical scholarly article released Monday (April 11, 2016) about ancient handwriting generated breathless headlines this week. “Evidence on When the Bible was Written” wrote the New York Times. The opening sentence in the Washington Post’s article said, evidence suggests “that key biblical texts may have been composed earlier than what some scholars think.” See complete essay

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