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Teaching the Historical Jesus

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The Book of Job: From An Immoral To An Amoral God

By James A. Colaiaco

In preparing to write my book, Wrestling With God: Job Defends His Integrity (available at, I was both frustrated and encouraged by my studies. I was frustrated because, despite the evidence of the text, many religious commentators depict Job as the exemplar of patience and piety. Most insist that God tested the faith of the righteous Job, only to reward him in the end. See complete essay

Facts, Propaganda, or History? Shaping Political Memory in the Nabonidus Chronicle

By Caroline Waerzeggers

The Nabonidus Chronicle has proven invaluable for writing the early history of the Persian Empire. Historians derive from it the "only chronologically fixed data" for Cyrus's reign and an indispensable framework for understanding the fall of Babylon and the emergence of the Persian Empire in the wider context of the Near East. See complete essay.

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Ancient Israel: A New History of Israel

By Niels Peter Lemche

It is something special (or is it really?) to become a classic when you are still alive. When I was informed by the publisher that they intended to republish my more than 25 years old Ancient Israel: A New History of Israelite Society, I recalled wonderful Sara Mandell’s comment on the Minimalist-Maximalist controversy: “In any case, I firmly believe that by the beginning of the twenty-second century, the Minimalists will be remembered and respected as worthy exemplars and forebears of the best current thought. See complete essay

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