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Jesus as Whippersnapper: John 2:15 and Prophetic Violence

By Hector Avalos

In a 2009 article in the Journal of Biblical Literature, N. Clayton Croy, argued that Jesus should not be portrayed as committing any act of violence inJohn 2:15. Croy concludes that “Jesus did not apply the whip to persons in the temple precincts. If that interpretation is correct, it is thoroughly consonant with the broadly attested tradition of a non-violent Jesus.” More recently, Andy Alexis-Baker concludes that Jesus did not even strike any animals with a whip, which was made of materials too soft to injure anyone or any animal. See complete essay

Some Characteristics of Biblical Law

By William S. Morrow

In this essay, I will focus primarily on law as it is found in the first five books of the Bible. For the sake of variety and to put readers on notice that I am describing literature that appears in scriptures revered by both Jews and Christians, I refer to their shared biblical canon as either the “Old Testament” or “Tanakh” (an acronym that refers to the three major sections of scripture according to Jewish tradition). The first five books of that canon will be called both the “Pentateuch” and the “Torah.” See complete essay

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