Teaching the Historical Jesus

Teaching the Historical Jesus.

Jesus The Jew No One Knows

Jesus The Jew No One Knows.

Excavating at Kh. el-Maqatir.
Excavating at Kh. el-Maqatir. See Article Below.

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2014 Excavations at Kh. el-Maqatir: A Proposed New Location for the Ai of Joshua 7–8 and Ephraim of John 11:53-54 (Revised Edition 2/27)

By D. Scott Stripling

In 2014 no additional architecture from the Bronze Age Fortress was excavated; however, MB III and LB I pottery was found in all of the excavation areas. Much of the LB I pottery was refired, an indication that after initial kiln firing it was exposed to a later site-wide conflagration. See complete essay

Fatal Attraction: Obsession, Aversion, and the Femme Fatale of Ancient Judah

By Erin Darby

While small female figurines from southern Israel are often interpreted as the wife of God, the iconic female image has paramours of her own – a veritable harem in fact. Indeed, everywhere one looks, from television documentaries to scholarly conferences, from newspaper clipping to academic journals, excavation reports, internet blogs, antiquities shops, and museum displays, this female image attracts crowds of admirers vying to correctly identify her identity. See complete essay

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Biblical Studies and Theology: A Rapprochement

By C.L. Crouch

I am not a theologian. On the face of it, this is perhaps quite obvious: I am a biblical scholar, not a systematic or philosophical theologian. Having spent nearly a decade in a faculty of theology, however, this realisation was rather slow to sink in. When asked ‘What do you do?’, the automatic response was ‘I am a theologian’. See complete essay

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