Arad Iron Age Temple.
Arad Iron Age Temple.

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Paul – the Promoter of Christianity

By Gerd Lüdemann

For the study of Christian origins, the seven undisputed letters of Paul occupy a special position both because they are the only firsthand sources from the first generation among 27 texts of the New Testament and because they allow us to read what Paul thought, to hear his own voice, and tentatively to date the foundational events of earliest Christianity. See complete essay

Adam, Eve, and the Devil!

By Marjo C.A. Korpel and Johannes C. de Moor

The biblical accounts of the creation of the cosmos, the garden of Eden and the fall of Adam and Eve belong to the most beautiful and impressive pieces of world literature. Countless attempts have beenmadetolocatethegardenbutonthebasisofthebiblicaldata this has only led to very diverse and contradictory results. See complete essay

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