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How to Read the Bible?

By Alan T. Levenson

In a brief and brilliant essay, the late David C. Steinmetz, an expert on the Protestant Reformation, wrote a spirited defense of the superiority of Pre-Critical Exegesis.1 Steinmetz attacked the historical-critical method, with its agenda of discovering the original meaning of the prophet or evangelist as reductionist and obtuse regarding the nature of a text. 2 Steinmetz wrote, “I entirely agree that the Bible should be read like any other text. The question is, how does one read a test?" See complete essay

Stereotyping Exegesis: The Gospel of John and “the Jews” in Ancient and Modern Commentary

By Michael G. Azar

In the years following the Second World War, a variety of Christian and Jewish scholars attempted to make sense of the recent and unprecedented expressions of antisemitism. In so doing, these scholars—motivated by a diverse blend of ethical, philosophical, religious, and political inspirations—began to do what only a handful of scholars had done previously: They investigated carefully and critically Christianity’s historical, often internecine views toward Judaism. See complete essay

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