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The Community That Raymond Brown Left Behind: Reflections on the Johannine Dialectical Situation

The preaching and teaching of the Beloved Disciple is taken to represent the constructive work of the Johannine Evangelist, whoever he might have been. And, the author of the Epistles—the Johannine Elder—is taken to be the compiler, who edited at least the final edition of the Johannine Gospel after the death of the Beloved Disciple.

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By Paul N. Anderson
George Fox University
Newberg, Oregon
September 2013

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This essay was refined and published later in Communities in Dispute: Current Scholarship on the Johannine Epistles, ECL 13; R. Alan Culpepper and Paul N. Anderson, eds. (Atlanta: SBL Press, 2014) 47-93.
#1 - Paul Anderson - 06/29/2016 - 22:22

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