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The Reaction to the Bible in Paganism







[1] J. G. Cook, The Interpretation of the New Testament in Greco-Roman Paganism (Studies and Texts in Antiquity and Christianity 3; Tübingen 2000; reprinted by Hendrickson in 2002) / J. G. Cook, The Interpretation of the Old Testament in Greco-Roman Paganism (STAC 23; Tübingen, 2004).

[2] For a translation of many Porphyrian (and other) texts, see R. M. Berchman, Porphyry Against the Christians, Ancient Mediterranean and Medieval Texts and Contexts 1, Leiden 2005 (this useful book includes texts probably not by Porphyry as Berchman is aware; it is difficult to tell in many cases).

[3]  Below I am not going to cite my references. Cf. my books on the OT and NT in paganism, which include translations of the texts I discuss. English translations of the pagans’ material include (in scattered form): Origen: Contra Celsum. Translated with an Introduction & Notes, ed. and trans. Henry Chadwick, Cambridge 1953 (a magisterial translation that includes the material from Celsus); part of Hierocles’ material is in The Treatise of Eusebius which can be found in Philostratus. The Life of Apollonius, vol. 2, Loeb Classical Library, trans. F. C. Conybeare, London/Cambridge 1969 (a new translation by C. P. Jones will appear in 2006); the Against the Galilaeans of Julian may be found in The Works of the Emperor Julian, ed. and trans. W. C. Wright, vol. 3, Loeb Classical Library, Cambridge, MA/London 1923. For a grand collection, see Biblia Gentium …, ed. Giancarlo Rinaldi, Rome 1989 (a collection in Latin and Greek of pagan authors on the Bible with accompanying ET).

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