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“A Few Bones to Pick: Peter and His Significance”

By Paul Anderson

The fifth episode of CNN’s “Finding Jesus” series explores the character and place of the historical Peter. Portrayed as a fisherman—a leading disciple of Jesus in the Gospels—Simon Peter is presented as both robust and impetuous. As chief among the twelve, he promises to stand with Jesus until the end, and yet, he also denies Jesus three times, as he also fears for his life following the arrest of Jesus. See complete essay

Excavating Megiddo

By Eric H. Cline

We have already made a number of references in previous chapters to the site of Megiddo in Israel, which is perhaps better known as biblical Armageddon. The very word Armageddon comes from Megiddo because—in Hebrew—“Har Megiddo” means the mound or mountain of Megiddo. Originally the word was written Harmageddon in Greek. Over time it became Armageddon. See complete essay

David Be’eri’s Useful Idiots

By Raphael Greenberg

The announcement that the Israel Prize for lifetime achievement, the highest civil-society award conferred by the state, is to be bestowed on David Be’eri, the head of the settler organization El’ad, appears perfectly in line with the spirit of the times, a spirit personified by flag-waving fear-mongers who wish to impose on us all their vision of an eternal ‘clash of civilizations’, sanctioned from on high. It is, however, more than a little disturbing and significant that the chairman of the committee that recommended bestowing the prize on Be’eri is a distinguished academic, ... See complete essay

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