Teaching the Historical Jesus

Teaching the Historical Jesus.

Jesus The Jew No One Knows

Jesus The Jew No One Knows.

Meidum pyramid from the South.
Meidum pyramid.

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The Origin of Evil Spirits in Early Jewish Literature

By Archie T. Wright

The topic of evil spirits is one that is often approached with some skepticism by scholars and non-scholars alike. It is perhaps in part due to the bizarre and farfetched features that are granted the topic in the world of fiction novels and the “big screen”. Through the course of the history of biblical interpretation, it is clear that some, particularly in the modern era, have steered away from the topic due to the supernatural element involved with the alleged reality of these spiritual beings. See complete essay

Memory and History: A Return to something meaningful

By Niels Peter Lemche

Probably the essential sentence in Daniel Pioske’s “Memory and the Knowledge of Things Past” is this: “I find the concept of memory to be of historical value.”

The question is, in what respect is memory valuable to historical studies? The answer, which seems self-evident, is that it is valuable as a testimony of those who wrote historiography in ancient times, i.e., it is a reflection of the beliefs and sentiments belonging to the age in which these memories were put into writing. See complete essay

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The James Ossuary in Talpiot : More about Probability

By Jerry Lutgen

In “The James Ossuary in Talpiot” it was estimated that the a posteriori probability of the Talpiot tomb being that of the Jesus family is 47%, if we consider Yoseh to be a rare name and 3% if we assume Yoseh to be a variant of Joseph. See complete essay

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