Walls of Jerusalem at Night.
Walls of Jerusalem at Night. Joe Zias.

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Judging Deborah: The Prophetess and Gender Debates through the Centuries

By Joy A. Schroeder

The biblical Deborah is no ordinary woman. Scripture characterizes her as a prophet, judge, poet, and divinely-inspired military strategist. She summons the Israelite commander Barak, addresses him forcefully with a command from the Lord, and gives him specific tactical orders (Judges 4:5-15). See complete essay

A Jerusalem tomb, ‘blind leading the blind’ or just another Day in Paradise?

By Joe Zias

Tombs in the ancient world have always attracted widespread public interest. While they provide a wealth of information, they can be scientifically and historically abused for political, religious and financial gain. See complete article.

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Can We Still Believe the Bible in the Twenty-First Century?

By Craig L. Blomberg

Throughout most of the twenty centuries of church history, most Christians believed that the Old and New Testaments of their Bible were uniquely true and authoritative literature. With the rise of the Scientific Enlightenment in the late eighteenth century, the practice of biblical criticism led to a scholarly minority questioning these beliefs. See complete essay

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