Walls of Jerusalem at Night.
Walls of Jerusalem at Night. Joe Zias.

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Judging Deborah: The Prophetess and Gender Debates through the Centuries

By Joy A. Schroeder

The biblical Deborah is no ordinary woman. Scripture characterizes her as a prophet, judge, poet, and divinely-inspired military strategist. She summons the Israelite commander Barak, addresses him forcefully with a command from the Lord, and gives him specific tactical orders (Judges 4:5-15). See complete essay

A Jerusalem tomb, ‘blind leading the blind’ or just another Day in Paradise?

By Joe Zias

Tombs in the ancient world have always attracted widespread public interest. While they provide a wealth of information, they can be scientifically and historically abused for political, religious and financial gain. See complete article.

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In My View - Opinion

A Commentary on the Bill Nye, Ken Ham Televised Debate of Monday Evening February 4th 2014.

By John W. Patterson

On Monday February 4th two well-known figures debated the question, ”Is young earth biblical creationism scientifically viable in today’s world?”

Ken Ham repeatedly insisted that it is; that the universe as we know it was created by God in six 24-hour days some six thousand or so years ago. See complete essay

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