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The Institution of Christian Communion

By Christian A. Eberhart

While all Christians today know the ritual with bread and wine, most of them —although not all—celebrate it during their worship service, and some even view it as its point of culmination. Some Christian denominations also consider this ritual a sacrament. There is, however, no general agreement as to what it means or why it is celebrated. Over the course of the past two millennia, the hundreds and thousands of Christian denominations never even agreed on how to call it. See complete essay

A Surprising Source for Seculars

By Tom Krattenmaker

We live, for worse and for better, in a secular age. In the Western world, we live in a context where our worldviews and frames of reference are matters of our choice, where religious nonbelief is an option—an increasingly viable one, judging from the demographic data—and where religious belief, in some settings and circles more than others, is hard to muster. See complete essay

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